Thursday, 26 March 2015

Slice #26: The Doll

With bright, dark red hair, spiking in all directions. Her smile rolling down for her left ear, above her chin, and up to her right ear. Her boneless arms swerving around and over her head, clamping on the snow white handle. Her small, tiny torso, no beggir than my pinky, was dressed in a deep dark oceanic blue. A thick cloth with stripes yelling 'See me! See me!', blanketed her twig legs. Her tiny feet peeped from under the skirt. She is a quiet girl, but a very loud one.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Slice #25: Friends

It started with one,
Few months later there were two.

Before the second came,
The first and I were crazy.
We screamed and shouted,
Running and jumping,
All over the place.
The air filled with laughter and joy.

Once the second came,
I enjoyed the fun we had,
We talked and cheered.
Sitting and waving our arms,
All over the place.
A quiet friendship.

Two of different personalities,
Who knew the two would get along,
But really they didn't.

And I stood there watching,
Coming in sometimes,
Just to make sure,
They didn't pull eachother's hair.

Slice #24: Reminders

I have many reminders of the places I used to be in by different objects or scents, and sounds. But a lot of the reminders would have to be the sounds. And the sound equivalent to music. Music is my life, I listen to it all the time. And because of that if I listen to a certain song a lot in a certain area, the song will soon be representing the country in my head.

For me I now live in Malaysia, but I used to live in Qatar. I have lived there for five years, and during those five years I have listened to many songs over and over again. Some songs too many times I got irritated a lot. I love a lot of music. And I hated a few.

Once I moved to Malaysia, I would once and awhile hear those songs I loved on the radio or my "new" friends would be singing it. But I wasn't able to listen to them. The songs I used to love, I wasn't able to hear again without crying. And I'm not that type of person who cries. But those songs overwhelm me. Even the songs I hated I would cry. All the memories fill my brain.

The reminders of the country I used to be in overwhelms me. Less then it used to. I want to go back but I am happy here too.


Monday, 23 March 2015

Slice #23: Emotions

I want to be an expert in emotions. Nothing to do with a job or anything, but just to understand them. I go through many emotions a day. Everyone does. But why?

We have so many emotions. Good ones and bad ones. Good ones such as being happy or cheerful, maybe wonderous. Those would be the good types. But then there are the bad emotions, such as being sad, mad, and having fear. Emotions is something we are born with. But I have many questions to do with emotions.

How are emotions triggered?

How does it effect who we are? 

Does it effect out health in anyway?

If you are sad, is there a time limit untill you calm down?

Can you fully hide your emotions for people around you?

Is there a main reason for us to act the way we do when we are sad, stress, angry, or scared?

Do different actions show our emotions, or is it just something we do everyday?

Is there an amount of emotions? Or are emotions not countable?

If you have a strong emotion in a dream woulf you actually feel it in real life? Either during or after the dream.

Can emotions be effected by weather?

Is there an emotion to not feel anything at all?

This are just a few of my questions. There are main things that I want to learn:

  • Signs of different emotions
  • Reactions to other's(family, friends) emotions
  • Dealing with emotions
  • Letting go of terrible feelings(things that have happened in the past. Loss of something or someone meaningful, if someone hurt you, ect.)

I think emotions is important to understand so we can control them. That is why I want to build further on the knowledge I have with emotions.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Slice #20: Rain

Rain has a mind of it's own. One moment the sky is bright and blue. The next moment it is dull and grey. The clouds come rushing in, covering the sky in a cozy, thick blanket. Blocking out the tipy tops of buildings.
The rumbling sounds of the sky's belly. The clouds crying for who knows what reason. Zapping objects from all the way up there to the ground we stand on. The trees and birds try to calm them down, but it isn't that easy. Soon enough they give up.
The sun trying make a break out of the clouds. Bringing the light back. The time ticks by slowly. Once the warm heat of the sun burst trough the clouds, they flee away. The sky turns back into a bright, light, shade of blue. Back to normal again.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Slice #19: How to Write a Story?

How to withe a story with words which speaks out loud? Stories which beams with emotion and flies away with time.
How to write a story where a movie plays in you head? With full color and high definition. The stories you never want to be finished.
How to write a story that your reader would love? A story that plays in their head over and over. The one they would never forget. the stories they would read again. From start to end. But how to end a story like that?
How to end the story keeping your reader satisfied? The story then never want to end. But it did.
How to end a story?