Thursday, 6 November 2014

Where I'm From

I am from batik hanging dry on a line,
from wooden houses on stilts,
and oceans rushing to the shore.
I am from the bike riding on the dirt,
feeling free and calming on the winding road,
It felt cooling as the wind goes through my hair,
all my worries and despairs go with the air.
I am from the jungle trees rising from the ground,
Reaching for the sky,
The jasmins as white as snow,
Sweet scent drifting in the air.

I’m from the hard working and Saturdays,
from Sharifah and Jeffrey.
I’m from the having a good time,
and taking care of each other.
From tough love,
and stay together.
I’m from a strong set of religious beliefs,
that guide my life to a better future.

I’m from Terengganu and Al-Haddad branch,
sweet and spicy in our blood.
From the wrapping of ketupats,
to the sizzling rendang in the pot.

From the dusty picture frames on my grandma’s dresser,
to the dozens of photo albums on the shelves.
Plenty of memories of all the fun and sorrowful times,
keep us smiling and tearing sometimes.

I am from a colorful culture,
where tradition and modernization mix.
Goals are set and,
dreams come true.
Fond memories collide,
and I’m forever grateful.