Tuesday, 20 January 2015

A Prayer for the 22nd Century

May the sky stay blue,
May the grass be green.
May elephants roam with tusks,
And sharks swim with fins.
May the stump forest fill with trees,
May flowers grow in fields.
May the birds fly the clear skies,
Free, well, and alive.

May the humans choose wisely,
May light overrule dark.
May the weapons be placed away,
So the pain and suffering disintegrate.
May those recognize that they are wrong,
May our minds beat down words.
May we pass by on the clear road,
Free, well, and alive.

May others know we are human,
May the color show no difference.
May people put their fist down,
On the table to show themselves.
May those who are hurt show no limits,
May they embrace who they are.
May we forget what others say,
And live free, well, and alive.