Thursday, 12 March 2015

Slice #13: Mornings

Sitting in the somewhat dark room. Leaning against the head board of the bed im on. With my left leg dangling off the side. My right leg pointed stright towards the cabinate infront of me. My head placed on the top of the head borad, looking up at the ceiling. My arms slouched to my sides, my forearms climbing over my stomach, with my fingers playing tag with eachother. My hair having a mind of it's own, sticking out in all directions. I'm stuck in this position. Sitting on top of my thick blanket. The cool air chilling my arms and tickling the back of my neck.

The dim greenish blue light of the city escapes into my bedroom. Slipping a sliding towards the wall. I shook my head and leaned to the bedside table. I opened up my computer. Siwitching it on, I pulled out my earplugs out from my computer bag, plugging them in to the computer and in my ears. tapping my finger onto the screen. My computer switched on and I typed in my password. pressing play on the keyboard, I sat back down onto the bed, moving back into the same way by body was before. The music flowing into my ears. With the fast, sharp sounds of the gitar. With the loud thumps of the drums. And the rusty voice, sreaming into my ears.

A few minutes later my eyes start to become heavy again. I close my computer screen and pull my earplugs out and dropped them onto the top of the computer. I pull the blacket over me. I close my eyes, snuggling into my pillow. My back laying on the bed. Both of my legs stayed still side by side. My head laying on my pillow. My arms slightly bent. My fingers stop swinging all over the place, and falls onto eachother. My hair fling down slightly. The blanket placed nicly on me. Now I'm ready to get more sleep.

Beep, beep. Beep, beep. Beep, beep. 

My eyes shoot open. Really? I thought to myself.

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