Sunday, 15 March 2015

Slice #15: "Poking the Bear"

Today I wasn't in the best mood. I was bored for most of the day. I wanted to relax and stay at home but no. My mom wanted to go to the shoe fesival in KLCC. Though it ended up to have nothing there. So we ended up going there for no reason. We walked back home and I sat down and started to relax. Then, I remembered we had to go to Pavilion, for this makeover photoshoot thing my mom wanted to do. Hmph. 

I sat there on the chair while the makeup artist was poking at my eyeball, and all over my face. Afterwards, I had to listen to a guy who could barely speak english so I didn't understand what he was saying. An dos it continues with waiting for my mom to pick the photos she liked best.

The makeup was fine for about an hour until my eyes started burning. so that was another pain. I wanted to yell and scream to my mom to take it off. But she was my mom, I could not do that. I would never dare to ever do that. Unless that it is so important that I would say goodbye to the world(I die internally).

I could of lost it. But the bear is kind.

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