Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Slice #17: Goodbye

This could be the last time I see their face fully. Beaming with light. Our last few moments together, surrounding a glass table, stuffing donuts into our faces. talking about nothing really. Remembering what we always did together. And accompishing what we always wanted to do together(all in one night).

"Sarah, Farah!" My sister and I heard our callings from downstairs telling us we had to go. "Annika, Amira, Aila! Do you want to walk them home?" Without any question the three of them said yes.
We slowly walked downstairs. Wishing that we didn't have to be thorn apart. We walked out of their house and onto the side walk. Sadly enough our house is only a few houses away.

Once we made it there, we all took in a deep breath and hugged each other tightly. I can't believe that it is already time. There ia nothing really left to say. We stay there, huddling eachother for a few minutes. We all ended up crying as we let go of eachother.

All five of us said our goodbyes. Hugging eachother once more. My sister and I walked into our house.

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