Thursday, 19 March 2015

Slice #19: How to Write a Story?

How to withe a story with words which speaks out loud? Stories which beams with emotion and flies away with time.
How to write a story where a movie plays in you head? With full color and high definition. The stories you never want to be finished.
How to write a story that your reader would love? A story that plays in their head over and over. The one they would never forget. the stories they would read again. From start to end. But how to end a story like that?
How to end the story keeping your reader satisfied? The story then never want to end. But it did.
How to end a story?

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  1. I really like your short poem, not really describing how to write a story but at the same time it is describing how to write a story. I really liked it! Great Job :)