Monday, 23 March 2015

Slice #23: Emotions

I want to be an expert in emotions. Nothing to do with a job or anything, but just to understand them. I go through many emotions a day. Everyone does. But why?

We have so many emotions. Good ones and bad ones. Good ones such as being happy or cheerful, maybe wonderous. Those would be the good types. But then there are the bad emotions, such as being sad, mad, and having fear. Emotions is something we are born with. But I have many questions to do with emotions.

How are emotions triggered?

How does it effect who we are? 

Does it effect out health in anyway?

If you are sad, is there a time limit untill you calm down?

Can you fully hide your emotions for people around you?

Is there a main reason for us to act the way we do when we are sad, stress, angry, or scared?

Do different actions show our emotions, or is it just something we do everyday?

Is there an amount of emotions? Or are emotions not countable?

If you have a strong emotion in a dream woulf you actually feel it in real life? Either during or after the dream.

Can emotions be effected by weather?

Is there an emotion to not feel anything at all?

This are just a few of my questions. There are main things that I want to learn:

  • Signs of different emotions
  • Reactions to other's(family, friends) emotions
  • Dealing with emotions
  • Letting go of terrible feelings(things that have happened in the past. Loss of something or someone meaningful, if someone hurt you, ect.)

I think emotions is important to understand so we can control them. That is why I want to build further on the knowledge I have with emotions.

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  1. Emotions are a vehicle in which we explore life Farah. I predict your interests may lead you into counseling, psychology, or psychiatry. As you are such a reflective listener, I can see you in any of these roles. Helping others listen to their own needs and dreams. Thoughtful post!