Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Slice #4: Exploded Moment

The next hitter stepped forward, and lifted up the bat off the ground. He placed his feet a few inches apart. Putting his hands together at the end of the bat. Swinging his bat over his shoulder, moving most of his weight on his back leg. He looked down taking in a deep breath, and looked up again breathing out. He focused on the ball in the pitcher's hand.

I turned my head noticing the ball flying towards him. I slid my right foot forwards. He swung the bat. I started running, but only for a few steps and stopped. The ball flew right past his head. He sighed as the ball was passed back to the pitcher. I jogged back to third base. Second try, I thought. You can do this. I reached the base, turning around, and sliding my right foot forwards. Again. My left leg on the base waiting for push off. I looked up at the pitcher then the hitter. Come on now, hit the ball.

I saw the ball flying towards the hitter. He swung the bat once more hitting the ball. He took off to second base. So I started running again, knowing for sure that I should run. Half way there. Come on now. At the corner of my eye I saw someone throwing the ball towards home. No, no no. Come on Farah. Pick up the pace. I felt a round object slamming onto the side of my head. Omph. I stumbled a little. Just ingnore it. Almost there. And I ran over home. Yes!

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