Friday, 6 March 2015

Slice #6: Descriptive Writing

Golden eyes, outlined with black staring you down. Creeping around, watching for the best opportunity. Looking carfully at it's surroundings. Elf like ears glue to the sides of their head. Turn their heads whenever a noise is created. Their slick body bobbing and weaving over obstacles. Mischievous looking animals, sandy fur on the top, skin tone white fur on the bottom and beside the top of it's mouth. Screeching at evryone around them, showing their vampire like 'fangs'. Long nose smashed into thier faces. As if they all fell hitting the same place. Long slim tail dragging along behind. They see there best opportunity. Thinking that it could be their last chances to do so. They go in for the steal. Takes all they can. And scurries away.

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