Friday, 6 March 2015

Slice #7: How Music Changes the Way I See the World

So I'm sitting in a comfy chair with my best friend beside me. She's watching a video while im listening to music.

Tell us all again,
What you think we should be.

I turned my head to see the street clear as always. The sun blazing the ground. Tapping my finger against the window sill. Pretending I'm playing the gitar here and there. I looked over at my friend and see her chuckling at her computer screen. I looked back out the window.

What the answers are,
What it is we can't see.

I suddenly realized clouds started covering the sun and sky like a blanket. And a few droplets of rain were falling. Hmph. It was quite bright just now. What happened? I shrugged.

Tell us all again
How to do what you say,

Soon enough the sky was crying a river. I took my eyes off the sky and looked at the red light infront of me. Noboby was moving. I looked down on my computer screen to check the time. 3:32.

How to fall in line,
How there's no other way,

I turned my head back up and noticed a crowd of somesort coming towards us. I couldn't tell, it was too dark for me to see.

But oh, we all know.

The closer they got, the more visible they became. It seemed like people with what looks like a plank over their heads. They looked like an army just about ot attack, wanting to take over the world.

You're guilty all the same,

I had some strang urge to run away.

Too sick to be ashamed.

I turned to look at my friend. But she was no longer there. Where is she? She wouldn't leave me right? I got up and looked around foe her.

You want to point your finger,

When I got up to look for her, everybody else on the bus was gone. The driver, the monitor, and the students, were gone.

But there's no one else to blame.

My heart was beating. I turned my head to the window. Nobody was outside. Well other than the army charging towards me. What is going on? Where is everyone? Hmm. Oh! Maybe I can't see them because of the rain. I nodded and walked to the door, that stangly was open. Oh right, they had to go out of the bus some how. Duh Farah.  I walked out into the pouring rain. I placed my hand above my eyes to cover from the rain, and looked around. And saw no one. I was alone. With the invading army.

You're guilty all the same.

As the kind of person I am, I just stood there. It takes me awhile to take in everything in.

You're guilty all the same,

I see the army getting closer.

Too sick to be ashamed,

Only a few feet away.

You want to point your finger,
One foot away. I close my eyes. Waiting for what would happen next.

But there's no one else to blame,

I felt people bumping into me for a second and no more.

There's no one else to blame.

I open up my eyes again to see me in the bus again. 

Guilty all the same.

I look around me and see my friend besids me. Hmph.

Guilty all the same.

I checked the time. 3:36.

Guilty all the same.

Guilty All the Same

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